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Trade and tax takes part in both national and international networks. We have our roots in the region, speak the language and are highly involved. Our professionals know what is happening and recognize opportunities for you and your business.

Our network includes auditors, finance experts, lawyers, notaries, tax advisers and tax experts, all working together extensively. This cooperation makes it possible for us to access a pool of international knowledge, specialized competence and specific information from the world of business, finance and law. To us, the art of professional advice means knowing how to combine and use this networked expertise the best possible way.

In addition, our international presence enables us to serve you beyond the borders too. Through our international TRA network we can help you to do business in Europe. There is effective cooperation with more than 20 independent tax advisory firms throughout Europe with short lines of communication.


Tax Representative Alliance

Trade and tax is founding member of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA). With its main seat in Paris (France), TRA is a European alliance of independent tax and accounting firms who specialize in handling tax affairs for (foreign) entrepreneurs.

The members of TRA are all approved tax specialists in their respective countries. Most of them are accountants, lawyers or tax advisers and handle the tax affairs of foreign groups and companies in their own countries. Large enterprises, airlines and manufacturers located all over the world are clients of TRA members, as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, such as Amazon dealers.

Together with the other TRA members, we can offer you cross-border tax representation and advisory services. We can coordinate the VAT registration of your company in several European countries and can handle the subsequent periodical VAT compliance. You can benefit from the fact we act as liaison office (single point of contact) and, together with our partners, take care of all your VAT needs in other European jurisdictions.


Holland International Distribution Council

As trade facilitator, Trade and tax is also proud member of the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC), which makes doing business within or via the Netherlands a lot easier for your company.

HIDC is a private, non-profit organization with in-depth knowledge of the market and a hands-on mentality. Their tailor-made services are free of charge, totally confidential and without any obligation.

Over the past twenty five years HIDC has assisted several hundreds of companies (both large and small) in making the right choice with respect to their European supply chain design, legal structure, site selection, partnership selection and recruitment. By involving HIDC, these companies have saved valuable time and money in the process and they have been able to go for the best option the first time. As such HIDC has enabled them to make their entry into the EU much more efficiently and effectively.


Register of Tax Advisers

We are registered with the Register of Tax Advisers (the Register or RB).

The Register, established in 2011, is one of the two professional associations of Tax Advisers in the Netherlands.

The Register has over 7,500 members, who must meet high standards in terms of expertise, professional skills, permanent education and ethics. Since the occupation of tax adviser is not legally protected in the Netherlands, these standards form an important guarantee for the quality of service.

All RB members have completed an education or study of at least the level of a Bachelor of University of Applied Sciences. The Register provides for such education, recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

In addition, the members are subject to the Rules of Permanent Education (PE). The Register provides for an elaborate program of tax courses to enable RB members to meet their PE-obligations.

RB members are governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct, of which article 1 reads: “A member promises to carry out his work honestly and conscientiously and to refrain from everything which is in conflict with the honor and dignity of the profession.”

Confédération Fiscale Européenne

We are associated with the Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE).

The CFE was founded in 1959 and today embraces 26 national organizations from 21 European States, representing more than 100,000 tax advisers.

In order to ensure uniform standards for access to the tax profession and its practice, the CFE has adopted the “European professional principles of tax advisers” and the guidelines set out in the document “The development of the tax profession in Europe”.

The members of all professional organizations of the CFE are subject to these guidelines. The CFE recommends that the governments of the European countries require that all who are involved in the provision of tax advice be bound by said guidelines.

This will help to protect taxpayers’ interests, improve relations with the tax authorities and set a higher standard of professional service. The member organizations of the CFE will ensure that only individuals who satisfy the required conditions are admitted to the tax profession as fully qualified professionals.


Strategic partnership with Ebbenhage

In 2012, Trade and tax entered into a strategic partnership with Ebbenhage, a local tax advisory firm specialized in cross-border employment matters.

Through this partnership, we closely work together with Ebbenhage on the following topics.

  • The preparation of Dutch and/or Belgian personal income tax returns, including those for freelancers, one-man businesses and self-employed professionals in the Netherlands.
  • (The interpretation of) tax treaties concluded by the Netherlands and/or Belgium with other countries.
  • Dutch payroll administration and wage tax services in case of cross-border employment.
  • So-called 30% rulings.
  • Checking personal income tax assessments.
  • Filing letters of objection against a personal income tax assessment or any other decision from the Dutch tax administration.
  • Checking other correspondence from the Dutch tax administration.
  • Providing support and answering personal income tax and social security related questions.


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